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3 things you didn't know about Spanish immersion programs for children

Are you considering enrolling your little one in a Spanish immersion program this year? It's crucial to get your child to learn as much as possible. According to Research Gate, those who went through public school programs servicing preschool through third grade reported that at the age of 24 were less likely to get involved in crimes than those who didn't receive similar services. Spanish immersion programs can benefit your child more than you know, so let’s take a look at what these programs are all about.

Difference Between Immersion and Other Types of Language Instruction

As a parent, you want to make the best choices for your child, and it's natural to want them to have the advantage of bilingualism. There are so many benefits to being able to speak and understand more than one language. However, why should you choose immersion and not other types of language instruction? Well, in traditional methods, the second language is the subject of instruction. On the other hand, in immersion

programs, the instructors use the second language for instruction and to communicate with the students. This form of teaching enables students to learn Spanish in the same way they learned English.

Determinants of Success in Immersion Programs

It's easy to assume that above-average academic ability is needed to succeed in Spanish immersion programs for children, but this is not the case at all. Even students with lower academic ability do quite well in immersion programs. History shows that below-average students score at the same level as above-average students. However, below-average students in Spanish immersion tend to score significantly higher on Spanish tests than below-average students in the English program.

Language Proficiency Results

Did you know that immersion programs generally produce better second-language proficiency results when compared to other traditional foreign language classes? This is because of the intensive exposure to the target language. As a result, students quickly learn and reach the level of second-language proficiency needed to study other courses in the new language. Spanish immersion programs for children enable children to reach native-like levels in second-language reading and listening comprehension by the time they finish elementary school.

Are you looking for more information or want to enroll your child in a school that offers this type of program We can answer any questions you may have and help you get started with enrollment.

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