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Why Kindergarten Is More Important Than You Might Think

As children grow, it becomes increasingly important to nurture their curiosities and give them as many opportunities to explore and learn as possible. Kindergarten prep is perfect for this, as it helps stimulate brain growth and guide children at the pace that is best for them so they can be ready to enter first grade. To help you better understand the importance of kindergarten, here is what every parent needs to know.

Vital Brain Development

One of the most important reasons for kindergarten is development. Children in these programs learn through play-based instruction that allows them to explore in a hands-on environment.

In addition to this, children will also have the opportunity to get an early introduction to reading, math, and writing. This can help improve early literacy and numeracy while also building a crucial foundation for further education and providing the mental stimulation needed for brain growth.

Better Social Development

Another benefit of kindergarten prep includes the opportunity to learn socialization skills with other children in their age group. This can not only help foster lasting friendships, but it can also improve a child's sense of self and belonging.

This, coupled with early education, can have additional surprising benefits, which have been noted in the Chicago school system. In a longitudinal study of Chicago public school programs serving students in preschool through third grade, it was reported that participants that were able to acquire more education were less likely to commit crimes than those who didn't receive the same level of instruction. This is likely due to a stronger educational foundation that is capable of giving them additional opportunities later in life.

Learning the Basics

Lastly, children who engage in kindergarten prep will be able to learn more skills that can enable them to succeed in first grade and beyond. This includes things like reading, writing, adding, subtracting, and more.

By getting to learn about these things before first grade, they can be more prepared to excel in future lessons due to having a greater grasp on the subjects. Learning these things early can also be crucial for enabling them to easily learn more complicated subjects in later grades, as they will already have a strong basic foundation to build off of.

If you are the parent of a child who is eligible for kindergarten, you must understand the importance of your child's participation. Kindergarten prep can be immensely beneficial for growing minds, and it is something that no child should miss out on.

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