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Our Mission


Our mission is to provide excellent, innovative education to young children (toddlers to age 5) and teachers who share our values, using a combination of Reggio-inspired curriculum and bilingual language immersion.  

Our Values


Our school’s essential value is Respect for Children as competent, capable learners with inherent, irrefutable rights.  This governs how we protect children, how we teach and learn from them, and how we recognize their achievements. 

Our Beliefs

  1. We understand that positive learning experiences are derived through collaboration, creativity, and community.

  2. We support the concept of Supportive Social Learning.

  3. We facilitate developing 21st Century Skills at all ages.


  • Social Skills and Respect for Others

  • Self-Direction and Self-Control

  • Multi-lingual Ability

  • Critical Thinking and Reasoning

  • Inventiveness and Discovery

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