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Social & Emotional Growth


Your little one (12– 35 months) is going through a special transition to becoming a capable, curious child.    She is just learning to communicate verbally and developing the ability to share feelings and “play well with others” in a group setting. Teachers aid this process by creating a  classroom atmosphere where toddlers are treated as capable individuals, whose opinions, actions, and thoughts are respected and valued. Significant emphasis is placed on modeling appropriate language and behavior, in order to create a respectful environment where trust, self-esteem, autonomy, communication, and teamwork are represented.

”Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

Bethesda Daycare for Infants and Toddlers


Outdoor Activities


Bethesda Reggio is proud to offer several wonderful and varied outdoor experiences for “Infants & 2’s.”.   Our Newdale Cottage features a secure covered hardscape play area and a fenced playground perfect for younger children.  We also enjoy a wonderful outdoor campus in Lynnbrook Park where teachers lead explorations and children grow up appreciating our shared environment.     Even at this young age, Reggio inspired projects often flow from the observations and questions little ones contribute.


A child’s attention span at this age requiring flexibility, compassion, and patience.   Our early learning teachers follow the same Reggio-inspired principles as for older children.   At this age we begin to introduce project work that reward curiosity, investigation, and discovery for each child. Teachers take physical and verbal cues from toddlers in order to develop “real world” projects, allowing children to explore their surroundings in a meaningful way.   Teacher observations are critical at this stage of learning to flexibly reorganize projects to keep children engaged.    Children are exposed to emergent literacy, music, art, dramatic play, sensory, motor-development, science, nature, and pre-math experiences on a regular basis through project work. Educational experiences are designed to be age-appropriate and personally challenging, and the learning process is more valued than the finished product.


Classroom Environment


Our Bethesda daycare center and preschool are designed to be comfortable, not over stimulating, safe, and to encourage collaborative play.   We take care to use natural materials and avoid garish colors that detract from a natural ambience.   Snacks and meals are enjoyed family-style at tables, as teachers and children discuss accomplishments and plans for the day.    Blocks, tubes, and other interesting materials provide the resources for children to build, create, experiment, and learn.


Documentation and Communication


Bethesda Reggio recognizes that quick and outstanding communication is essential for this age group to keep parents engaged and informed.   We augment this communication with portfolios, journals, and project boards throughout the classroom.  

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