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Kindergarten Readiness Program

We are committed to preparing your child to thrive in kindergarten—both academically and socially/emotionally.   Since 2009, Bethesda Reggio has guided over 140 children to kindergarten successfully.  


We employ a number of tools to ensure that every child is going beyond the standards established by Montgomery County Public Schools, one of the most respected school districts in the nation:


Maryland’s Readiness for Kindergarten 


Bethesda Reggio participates in this in-depth kindergarten readiness program, providing us specific standards expected for children entering Kindergarten.    These extensive, detailed goals give us benchmarks for reading, math, science, social development, and literacy.    


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Award winning, Creative Curriculum®    


We supplement our Reggio-inspired lessons with this award-winning program from Bethesda’s own Learning Strategies, Inc., headquartered only 3 blocks from our classrooms.     These guides are woven into our weekly lesson planning and provide additional guidance to prepare your child for kindergarten. 


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Periodic, Regular Evaluations 


We conduct a written mid-year evaluation of your child’s Kindergarten readiness progress starting in our Preschool class at age 3 to identify areas for improvement.    In our KinderPrep class for 4 year olds children, we review your child’s progress 3 times per year to ensure they are exceeding educational goals—in early September, then in January and March.   This enables us to quickly identify if your child is surpassing the standards we expect or requires additional concentration on specific areas

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