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Welcome to Bethesda Reggio—a Reggio-inspired, dual-language Spanish immersion preschool for children age 12 months through 5.   We offer a unique combination of project-based curriculum and bilingual learning surrounded by nature.


Children become inspired on their journey to kindergarten

using art, dance, music, teamwork, and outdoor exploration. 


Discover us in Bethesda’s amazing 7-acre Lynnbrook Park and

expand your child’s future with our unique approach to early  learning. 

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The Reggio Approach

We follow a wonderful, internationally-recognized educational model which nurtures young children and prepares older children academically for kindergarten. 


The cornerstone of our approach is Respect for Children.  We view every child as capable, curious, and competent to contribute to their learning.    Teachers guide children to think freely, collaborate, and contribute to investigative projects at every age. 


Teachers show their respect by carefully documenting the work children create and recording what individual children say.   This documentation is displayed within the classroom to show that adults truly value the work children have performed.

Outdoor Park Campus

If we want children to grow up loving the environment, they need to play in it first. A child’s best early memories flow from playing outside, making friends, exploring their world, seeing plants grow, climbing and running and testing themselves.


Our outdoor campus gives children a special appreciation for nature and their own place within it.


We have two buildings serving different age groups with wonderful nature areas, athletic fields, and playgrounds for young and older children.


Language Immersion

We offer a unique dual-language Spanish/English curriculum where your child will graduate fully prepared for English-speaking Kindergarten while also speaking Spanish with a native accent.  


Clinical studies from Harvard, Rand Corporation, the University of Washington, and U.S. Department of Education show that preschool children have a unique capacity to speak a second language properly if they begin to learn at an early age.


There will never be an easier time for your child to learn Spanish.    She will thank you later.

Our Early Childhood Programs

“The space has to be a sort of aquarium that mirrors the ideas, values, attitudes, and cultures of the people who live in it.”

Loris Malaguzzi, The Hundred Languages of Children

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