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3 Benefits of Full Day Preschool Programs

Education is always extremely important for children. Results have shown that children attending full-day programs did better on literacy and mathematics tests than children in a 2.5 to a 3-hour public preschool program.

It was also shown that these children excelled more academically through preschool, continuing into the first grade. This jump in a child’s education can impact the future of their education and give them the materials needed to succeed. Enrolling your kids in a full-day child care program helps prepare them for the rest of their academic future.

Acclimates Children to Full-Day School Programs

With a full-day child care program, a child will be more prepared for the rest of their academic future. Children that are put through a full-day preschool program have more experience with learning and reading, giving them higher abilities than children with only a half-day program. With a longer day of education, children won’t have to adjust to a full day of learning when they are older. This also increases the level of attendance for children when they move onto higher education. Again, having to do with the fact that there’s less of an adjustment period for the kids who already went through a full-day child care program. They’ll already be prepared for it.

Fewer Additional Childcare Costs

If one or both parents work full days, their child needs somewhere to go and be watched, which can be very costly. A full-day child care program keeps children occupied all day, allowing parents to work without worrying about a babysitter. When children are in preschool receiving an education all day, there's no need to pay for additional child care.

Helps Prepare Children for Continuing Education

Preschool, in general, has been known to increase self-esteem and produce fewer behavioral issues. With a full-day child care program, these results can increase even more. This can have a huge impact on how long children stay in school. Longer days can ready children for their future education and can have an impact on if they extend their education in college or not.

Full-time child care programs can help prepare your kids for their academic futures. They are encouraged to be self-sufficient at an earlier age and prepared to be involved in a longer education day. These benefits from a full-time child care program can truly positively impact a child’s future.

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Griffin - Blakeney
Griffin - Blakeney
Sep 10, 2022

I would think an older child would be better at adjusting to all day schooling because of their higher level of maturity. It has been proven younger children who are introduced to longer school days and hours are prone to suffer anxiety and regression of some of their control skills.

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