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3 Reasons Your Child Will Benefit From Spanish Immersion Programs for Children

Spanish immersion programs for children are getting a lot of attention in the educational world. These dual language programs function to teach children both Spanish and English simultaneously. Here are some reasons why your child will greatly benefit from Spanish immersion programs for children.

Early Childhood Learning

Studies indicate that children are most receptive to learning a new language between the ages of 4 and 6. If your child is at preschool age, starting them on their educational journey in a dual language program can have surprising benefits.

Early education in dual language can help your child to become culturally aware and can help to improve their executive thought function development. Executive thought functions are in charge of prioritizing, planning, analyzing, and decision-making, which are all important qualities in academic success.

Social Development

In early childhood education, Spanish immersion programs help children build confidence in their learning and social abilities. Language programs of this caliber can help your child to develop their own social skills, as well as develop a larger social circle.

Children that partake in a dual language program also learn to develop empathy and fascination for other cultures. If your child loves to learn new things about people and places, they will thrive in this environment.

Smaller Class Sizes

Dual immersion classes are generally smaller than traditional English-speaking-only classes. According to the Department of Education, the class ratio in any class should be one adult for every 10 students. In most immersion programs, whether early childhood or elementary, the class size stays well below the 20-student recommended maximum.

Children in these classes get more one-on-one attention that they need to grow their knowledge and succeed. If your child responds well to settings for small group learning, then dual language immersion programs are right for them.

Your children are like sponges; they are ready to absorb all the education they can. They are open to learning a second language and are highly receptive to the teaching. You will find that learning a second language fully engages the brain and helps children to excel in other subjects like literacy and math. Learn more about Spanish immersion programs for children today to learn more about why it is a source of valuable education for your child.

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