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3 signs of a high-quality nursery school

Placing your child in a nursery school, also referred to as a pre-kindergarten program or pre-school, helps your child learn pivotal skills that will prepare them to excel in further education. There are many nursery schools and preschool programs out there, so finding the right one for your child is not always easy. However, paying attention to the following key features can help you find the right program for your child.

1. They Have Small Class Sizes

One feature found in a high-quality early childhood education program is small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratios. Ideally, the program you select for your child should have at least one adult for every 10 students, with the maximum class size not reaching 20 students. This helps to ensure your child is able to get the attention and the help they need, without being lost in a classroom full of other children.

2. They Offer Dual-Language Programs

Another sign of a distinguished nursery school is a school that offers a dual-language program. The most common dual-language programs are Spanish-English programs. Exposing a child to a second language at an early age has many benefits. Some of these benefits include increased communication skills and exposing a child to different cultures. While not every school offers a dual-language program, you should be able to find a few schools locally that do. Your child will be ready to face the world and equipped to communicate with many people!

3. They Accommodate Different Learning Styles

The final sign of a high-quality nursery school is a school that understands multiple learning styles. Some children learn better through hands-on approaches, while others learn better visually, and appreciate auditory teaching. An academic program that prioritizes accessibility in its structure will go a long way in enriching your child's education. You can feel better knowing that their learning style will be included.

Enrolling your child in a nursery school prior to kindergarten is key to helping ensure they are fully prepared for kindergarten. Selecting the right school for your child is extremely important. If you are looking for a nursery school in the greater Montgomery County area, visit our school for a tour or call us to get enrolled today.

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