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3 Steps for Choosing the Best School for Your Child

Your child's education is very important. As such, you should take the time to select the right school for them. This starts even as early as choosing between preschools. Whatever school you get your child into should give them the best chance at getting a good start. Here are three steps for choosing the best school for your child.

1. Consider Your Child

Before you dive into searching schools for your child, you first need to consider what you want the school to do for them. For instance, you may be dealing with a child with special language and education needs. You should keep this in mind when looking for a school. After all, as a parent, you know your kid better than everyone else. You should also look into things like your child's learning style and whether they show interest in one particular area. This will allow you to select a school that best suits your child's needs and sets them up for success.

2. Research Schools

Looking for preschools or any other school for your child is the same as buying a car or appliance. You'll need to talk to friends, family, and colleagues. You will also need to look for information and check reviews on the internet. Similarly, when looking for a school for your child, you should make phone calls, look at written materials about different schools, and see what the schools themselves say they offer. One thing to consider when looking for a school for your child is the student-to-staff ratio. According to UNICEF, there should be at least ten students for every adult and a maximum class size of 20 students. You should also consider whether the preschools on your list offer meals for kids. Quality programs provide at least one meal per day.

3. Visit the School

Information from the internet or from any other source is usually slightly different from what you will see on the ground. Once you shortlist a few schools, you should set time aside to visit them and check things out in person. You can make an appointment with these schools and tour them during regular school hours if possible. To get a realistic sense of how schools operate, you should avoid visiting during the first or last few days of the term. You should also sit with the school principal and ask any questions you might have.

These are some of the steps you should take to select a school for your child. Once you are satisfied and you have a couple of schools on your list, you can move on to making the decision. Call us at Bethesda Reggio Preschool today if you need to get started on your search!

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