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3 Things You Didn't Know About Nursery Schools

Young children love playing with both adults and others their own age. Their minds are active, and they seem to absorb knowledge like a sponge. They are forever asking questions, with research showing that four-year-olds ask up to 437 questions per day. So, consider enrolling them in one of your local nursery schools to provide a stimulating environment for your children. At a nursery school, children develop their social and problem-solving skills, which has a prolonged positive effect on the holistic development of a child.

Interesting Benefits of Sending Children to Nursery Schools

There are many benefits for children who attend a nursery school. The benefits range from the obvious ones like improvement in overall literacy skills and improved learning skills to benefits that are not as obvious but have a great effect on a child becoming a successful adult. One of the most important skills a child needs to learn to function well in society is self-regulation, which is directly linked to future stability. Children who attend nursery schools from a young age (as young as two years old) get the opportunity to develop their self-regulation and, therefore, in later years, thrive independently.

Abstract Skills

Some of the skills that your child will gain from attending nursery school are self-evident, like identifying letters of the alphabet or counting to 10. But nursery schools also teach children abstract skills, like the ability to focus on an activity, follow directions, and of course the social skills of how to interact with others. These abstract skills are not easy to teach at home because there aren't a number of other children around, yet they help your child mature and develop successfully.

Nursery Schools Offering Second Language Acquisition

After attending nursery school, your child may speak two languages. Many nursery schools have children from different backgrounds attending, and this is the place where your child will be exposed to different languages. A nursery school-aged child is at the best age to learn two languages at the same time. Learning both languages simultaneously gives kids the ability to understand the structure of language better than their peers. It also improves their ability to solve problems and influences their non-verbal cognitive abilities.

To ensure that your children have the stimulation they crave and to set them up for successful adulthood, send your children to one of your local nursery schools. It will be an excellent choice that will positively affect their learning abilities in kindergarten and beyond.

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