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3 Ways Preschools Give Your Child a Head Start

According to Science Direct, children that attend full-day programs at the preschool level do better at math and literacy tests compared to children who spend only two to three hours in a public preschool daily. These achievement gains continued until the kids reached the end of first grade. This is a sign that preschool does give kids a headstart. Here are some ways preschool prepares your child for academic excellence.

1. Teaches Kids How to Learn

The main idea behind preschool is to teach your child how to be a learner. Children generally learn by playing. You must avoid introducing your child to classroom learning in an overly academic environment, as this can turn your child off from school. It's advisable to ensure that your child first learns in a more relaxed and fun environment, and this is what preschool does. It helps children develop a strong sense of curiosity.

2. Helps Children Develop Their Social Skills

At the preschool level, children spend a lot of time with each other. They also interact with adults who aren't part of their families. This is a great environment for children to learn how to make friends. They're also taught how to listen and cooperate. Preschool also gives children a chance to build foundational conversational skills. All this is essential for proper development, and it will come in handy when children progress to more organized learning. Being able to communicate and interact with others enables them to get help when they need it.

3. Boosts Pre-Literacy Skills

Literacy is learned over time. If a child doesn't start attempting at an early stage, they might find it difficult to do so later, especially in an environment with other kids who already know a thing or two. Preschool teachers offer several games and activities that help kids to build pre-literacy skills. This includes the alphabet songs, rhymes, and other games that help them distinguish sounds. Children also listen to read-aloud stories, and they play with toys resembling alphabetic characters. All this establishes a good foundation for literacy.

Preschool is an important stage that prepares children for more advanced and fast-paced learning. This is why you must select the best preschool for your child. Get in touch with Bethesda Reggio Preschool today if you're looking for a good preschool for your child. We would love to hear from you!

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