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4 Benefits of Learning a Second Language at a Day Care Center

On average, a toddler takes 176 steps every minute and when you are choosing a day care center, you want one that provides exceptional care for your curious child. Choosing great caregivers is important, but you also want to consider facilities that can help advance the cognitive development process, and one way to do that is to choose a reputable Spanish immersion preschool.

Why Spanish now? Check out the top four benefits of second language acquisition in a day care center.

Academic Advantages

When your child learns a second language at their bilingual preschool, they will have significant academic advantages over students who only speak one language when they begin school. It has been shown that bilingual students are quicker to develop reading, writing, and math skills. Additionally, children who are able to speak two languages often score higher on standardized tests than children who are not bilingual.

Boost Problem-Solving Skills

Young children spend a lot of time trying to figure out the world around them. When you enroll your child in a preschool that specializes in teaching a second language, you are giving them the tools required to think independently and boost their problem-solving skills. As children are much less inhibited than adults, they are not as afraid of making mistakes while learning, making it easier to think critically and pick up a language.

Cultural Appreciation

You want your child to develop into a well-rounded and worldly adult, and having your son or daughter learn a second language early in life is one way you can help them achieve this. As your child learns and grows with the language, they will develop a sensitivity and curiosity about the culture associated with the language. The length of time a student has to learn a language is directly correlated to cognitive development, so learning a second language early in life gives them more time to fully appreciate and understand the language.

Enhance Brain Function

Not only does learning a second language in a day care center give your child academic advantages, but it also improves regular brain function. Research has shown that learning a second language boosts critical-thinking and listening skills and that it also enhances concentration, memory, and multitasking skills. Further research has indicated that kids who are proficient in other languages may also have increased creativity and mental flexibility.

As a parent, you want to give your child every advantage you can, and learning a second language at an early age while in daycare not only gives them bilingual abilities, it provides a number of significant cognitive and cultural development benefits.

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