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5 Reasons Why Pre-K Is Vital For Child Development

For many toddlers, a preference for their left or right hand begins to formulate or take shape by age two or three. During those formative years, children begin to explore the world around them. While using their hands, children will begin to recognize certain aspects of their world. Pre-K education is vital for children and their development. Let’s delve into some great reasons why you should consider enrolling your child in a Pre-K educational program.

Pre-K Activities Boost Literacy Skills

An adult who reads was once a child who read. There are several Pre-K programs that incorporate literacy. For example, a child care program may include a segment of storytime just before a snack. Children will begin to look at words and sound them out with the assistance of their instructors.

During Pre-K activities, children can also partake in games, sing and tap their fingers to alphabet songs, have fun with the tunes and dances of various rhymes, and more. Each of these joyous endeavors helps the young child to distinguish sounds, phonics, and even parts of speech.

A Foundation of Math Is Set

Another great reason to enroll your child into a kindergarten readiness preschool program is the foundation for mathematics that will be set. Through sorting, counting, and organization games and activities, children will begin to understand various aspects of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

The counting of the graham crackers for snack time, the addition of blocks to build a structure, or even the numeric fun of placing molding clay piles on the table for an art lesson are great ways that children will begin to enjoy and understand various concepts of math.

Creativity and Curiosity Will Be Nurtured

It’s no secret that nursery school-aged children have active and expansive imaginations. Those imaginations can not only flourish but be nurtured in a structured Pre-K program. Many preschool teachers incorporate outdoor activities into their lesson plans.

In fact, nature preschools are growing in popularity and help to fuel a child’s imagination. The Pre-K environment will be set up to support a child’s explorative nature. Within a stimulating environment coupled with loving and positive adult interactions, young children will soon develop their creativity and curiosity.

Language Skills Are Promoted

Within the realms of a Pre-K curriculum, children will begin to learn language skills in a language-rich setting. Many Pre-K programs even incorporate Spanish immersion programs for toddlers. Young children can also learn other languages as well.

In a Pre-K setting, the instructors will help children develop various language capabilities by introducing them to brand-new vocabulary during various games and activities. Just imagine a young child being able to say hello or goodbye in several different languages once they arrive back home!

Appreciation for Others

Another great reason that you may wish to consider enrolling your child in a structured Pre-K program is the appreciation they will develop for other children. One of the best aspects of daycare centers is the fact that children can interact with other kids. This will help them to come to understand that the differences that others have can be appreciated.

Whether you’re searching for a Pre-K program, a Spanish immersion preschool, or some other sort of kindergarten readiness preschool, we can assist. As your Bethesda, Maryland child readiness center, we offer language immersion programs, nature preschool options, and more. With devoted, accredited, experienced, and dedicated instructors, your child will have the tools needed for future success. Connect with us today and learn about our many opportunities for child preparedness in a warm, welcoming, nurturing, and educational environment.

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