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5 Things to Look for in Your Toddler That Shows They're Ready for Spanish Immersion Programs

Spanish immersion programs for toddlers can be beneficial to your child's journey to becoming bilingual. There are many benefits to helping your child to learn Spanish from a young age. They’ll show signs that they’re ready for an immersion program, much like they’ll show signs that they’re ready to begin reading or writing. Your toddler will most likely start showing a preference for his left or right hand between the ages of two and three, according to the Better Health Channel, so they’ll start showing signs they’re ready to learn a new language soon enough. Keep reading to learn more.

1. A Willingness to Learn

Your toddler will show a willingness to learn that might indicate that they’re ready for immersion programs. They might be more inclined to play with building blocks and exhibit critical thinking skills, which can be a big sign. This willingness to learn will help them to adapt to Spanish immersion programs.

2. Understanding Basic Preschool Concepts

If your toddler understands basic preschool concepts like colors, days of the week, shapes, and other ideas, then they might be ready for an immersion program. You can gauge whether your child can adapt to a Spanish immersion program based on how they interact with other things that require critical thinking.

3. The Ability to Express Themselves

Your child might seem more inclined to express themselves. This expression could indicate that they can handle a Spanish immersion program. Pay attention to your child's ability to express their thoughts or feelings to you clearly as the days go on.

4. Clear Communication

If your toddler is already communicating very clearly in their native language, then it is a good idea to enroll them in a Spanish immersion program. Learning a second language is easiest when a child is young because they already absorb so much knowledge. If they have clear conversations with you, then it’s important to get them into a language program sooner than later.

5. Improved Social Skills

Your toddler might be ready for this type of program if they have shown signs of improved social skills. If your child interacts well with others, then they will likely be able to interact well with an instructor. They’ll feel comfortable asking questions and want to learn in a new environment.

If you have more questions about Spanish immersion programs for toddlers, then contact our admissions team today for more information. We’d love to help you enroll your child in our school and Spanish programs.

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