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A Deeper Look Into Nature Preschool and Its Many Benefits

Did you know that, on average, a four-year-old child will ask approximately 437 questions a day? With such statistics, it’s evident that children are in need of stimulation for personal growth. As their minds begin to understand the world around them, it’s crucial that they have an environment that welcomes such. If you are a parent, then your child may benefit from nature preschool. Let’s explore what nature preschool is and its various benefits for children.

What Is Nature Preschool?

Nature preschools are licensed programs geared at children who are between three and five years old. Typically, 30% of the school day is spent outdoors surrounded by nature and natural environments. With the natural environment that a child is immersed in, the pedagogy emphasizes inquiry-based education. There are activities toddlers can participate in through hands-on play and other nature-themed educational curricula. Let’s now delve into the advantages of nature-themed daycare centers.

Intellectual Stimulation

One benefit of a nature preschool is the intellectual stimulation that children will receive. For a preschool-aged child, the natural world is a huge, vast, and open-ended learning space. The sights, scents, sounds, and textures of the outdoors will appeal to a child’s inquisitive mind. Nature also offers an endless opportunity for creativity, problem-solving, discovery, and even STEM education.

Emotional Advantages

A nature preschool is also a great environment for a child to connect with their emotions on a grander scale. A comprehensive and complete child care program helps preschoolers to identify their emotions and learn how to navigate through challenges while better embracing triumph.

Within nature preschools, children are free to move about, explore, sing, yell, and participate in other joyous and delightful forms of self-expression which are oftentimes discouraged while being indoors. Pre-K aged kids and toddlers can also skip, hop, run, climb, roll, and move about freely. These activities and more help to reduce tension and stress, while helping a child to relax and embrace peace.

Social Readiness

Another advantage of a nature preschool setting is the opportunity to engage and interact with different and new children. In a nature setting, preschoolers can either play by themselves or connect with other children. Through those interactions, kids can learn to share, problem-solve, and reason with others to find an adequate solution. Imagination will flourish while a child is in a natural environment.

Typically, children collaborate and make up games and settings that are inclusive and fun. In a nature setting, there are no prescribed or required guidelines for instructions. When pre-k children are given a chance to explore outside, they can govern themselves, make their own rules, and learn to solve their own problems without reserve, embarrassment, or even inhibition.

Better Health

A nature preschool will certainly help with the health of a child. From the vitamin D that children will receive from the sun, to walking, running, and other physical activities, a nature environment will help children stay in great shape while helping them to build a healthier and stronger body. Fresh air is also a huge benefit of nursery schools that participate as nature education centers. Fresh air is invigorating and also offers opportunities for physical activity. Just as you feel energized after an outdoor power walk, your child will also feel refreshed after time outdoors.

Connect With your Bethesda, Maryland Nature Preschool Today

For one of the best language immersion, kindergarten readiness, and nature preschool programs, your Bethesda, Maryland has them and more. As a Reggio-inspired and Spanish immersion preschool, your child will become inspired, enlightened, and educated surrounded by nature. Your Maryland preschool also offers summer camp programs, kinder prep, and more. Contact your Maryland nature preschool and learn what awaits you as well as your little learner that asks 437 questions per day!

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