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A Few Ways Parents Can Help Develop Their Child's Social Skills at Home

Good social skills are an important tool for people from all walks of life and those across different age groups. With that in mind, it's a good idea for any parent to help their child develop their social skills at home, even before they start attending preschool and beyond. Read on to see a few ways in which you can help develop your child's social skills and set your child up for success in the future.

Set and Enforce Simple Rules at Home

While you may feel like your child is too young to follow rules and live in a structured way, the truth is that children learn fast. The earlier you start teaching them how to follow rules and live according to certain principles, the better the chance that they have to remember the lessons you teach them. Make sure that you stay consistent with these rules, which may include making their bed, putting dishes away once they have eaten, and neatly keeping their toys away after they are done playing with them.

Take Your Child to Playdates

If your child has not yet been enrolled in pre-k, you should consider arranging playdates for them. This will provide ample opportunity for them to learn how to socialize with other children in their age group. You should also take them to the playground so that they can learn and perfect their sharing skills and how to take turns. When they develop these skills early enough, they may go on to have an easier time in school and enjoy their formative years more.

Model Appropriate Social Skills

Finally, most parents and adults, if not all, know how fast children can pick up behaviors. This makes it important for you to model appropriate social skills to them whenever you are out and about. Things like saying "please" and "thank you" are the basis for proper social interactions, so you should make sure to follow these principles yourself. At the end of the day, discuss what happened during the day so that you can gauge if the lessons you are sharing with your child have any impact.

Before your child joins preschool, they may feel like a handful, but you should take every opportunity to impart good social skills to them. On average, a toddler typically takes 176 steps every single minute, so you'll have plenty of chances to teach a lesson or skill throughout the day. When your child is ready to attend school for the first time, call us at Bethesda Reggio Preschool. We're ready to help them take the next step in life!

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