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Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in a Bilingual Nursery School

While nursery schools offer children wonderful opportunities to grow and learn, there are some distinct advantages to enrolling your child in a bilingual nursery school. As the country’s Pre-K programs follow high standards, serving three- and four-year-old children, and focusing on school readiness--bilingual nursery schools offer wonderful opportunities for broader educational endeavors. Let’s explore the benefits of bilingual nursery schools and how you enroll your child in one of them.

Better Cognitive Abilities

One reason to choose a bilingual nursery school for your child is that they will develop better cognitive abilities. With better cognitive abilities, children are able to understand concepts far better than other children who only speak one language in school. Those cognitive abilities in those bilingual nursery schools will help the child to grow to be an adult that loves language, speaks it with fluency, pronounces words with articulation, and more.

Children who are in preschool settings and immersed within a program in which more than one language is spoken—tend to be more fluid when moving between two different worlds. Oftentimes, children even welcome change better than an adult would.

An Appreciation for Different Cultures

Another benefit of bilingual nursery schools is the appreciation that children will have for other cultures. For example, a teacher who works within a Spanish immersion preschool may plan an authentic Spanish feast, complete with food and decorations.

Children’s exposure to various cultures will help them to learn to appreciate the differences that others have. Nursery schools that offer languages other than a child’s native one help children develop gratefulness and acceptance of others. With this appreciation, children will grow to be adults who are able to work and function with others with high rates of success.

Better Educational Opportunities and Career Readiness

Another reason to consider bilingual nursery schools is for the better educational opportunities and career readiness that your child will have later in life. As your child grows and enters into a kindergarten readiness program, middle school, high school, college, and beyond-- your child may gravitate toward programs that encompass travel to foreign lands. They may also choose to live abroad for a few years, thanks to that bilingual education from the nursery school.

Career readiness will happen easily for a child that is exposed to and learns an additional language in school. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your child continues on with that language that they learned in nursery school and is hired to speak that language for their career? From non-profit positions to interpreter jobs to more, the chances of your child being offered various positions as a bilingual speaker and specialist in the workforce are high.


An added benefit of bilingual nursery schools is the adaptability that a child will develop. Spanish immersion programs for children as well as other foreign language immersion programs for students help to increase children’s malleability in a variety of situations. Your child will welcome changes while knowing that they have control. With an additional language taught to your child, they will grow to be adults who can function, work, and thrive in a variety of environments. They will also be great problem-solvers, thinkers, and planners.

If you’re a parent who has been considering bilingual nursery schools, and would love to learn more, connect with us. Not only do we offer bilingual educational programs, but we also offer a nature school, kindergarten prep programs, Spanish immersion programs for toddlers, and more. Contact us today and find out more about our secondary language educational endeavors. Just as you, we want only the best for your child and we will work hard to achieve the readiness your child needs to be productive throughout life.

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