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Get to Know the Developmental Milestones for 3-Year-Old Children

Every kid develops differently, with some maturing far faster than others. For example, some three-year-olds learn to count before attending local nursery schools while others struggle. Understanding your three-year-old's developmental milestones is critical! Thankfully, they're easy to understand. Here's what you need to know about these unique milestones.

Social and Emotional Milestones

A typical three-year-old is a lot like a puppy: energetic, excited, and dedicated to you! Unfortunately, many kids are so dedicated to their parents that they might cry when you leave them at nursery school. Thankfully, by three years, most kids get over this behavior.

Expect them to calm down within 10 minutes after you leave instead of 10 hours. Even better, most three-year-olds will find other kids to play with quickly after you leave. We call that gaining independence.

Communication Milestones

By three years, your child should communicate using at least two back-and-forth exchanges. By now, you'll get lots of “who,” “what,” and “why” questions: the three W's that will drive every parent wild at this age! Welcome these questions because they show a smart, interesting child.

Should they know communication etiquette? According to our sources, a three-year-old boy's voice is louder than 200 adults in a packed restaurant! Should they understand the “inside voice” at this age? Hopefully, or else you're going to have a lot of headaches.

Cognitive Milestones

By three years old, most kids should understand how to draw a circle and other simple shapes. Furthermore, they should understand cause and effect. They'll know that a hot stove, busy roads, and high places are dangerous. Three-year-olds avoid these dangers like the plague.

Don't forget movement milestones, including stringing items together on a wire. Many three-year-olds will even dress themselves a little. Previously clumsy kids should walk more safely and rarely trip over their own two feet.

The best local nursery schools understand these milestones and can help your children reach them! After all, it takes a village to raise a child, and you shouldn't try to do everything yourself. Not sure where you want to send your kids? Contact Bethesda Reggio Preschool today to set up an appointment. Our warm and welcoming nursery models appropriate language and behavior and includes toys, learning activities, and more.

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