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How can summer camps for preschoolers help them grow?

The current school year is coming to an end, and this means it's time to get thoughtful about how your kids will spend their summer. A great way to keep them growing through positive mind and body stimuli is by enrolling them in our Bethesda summer camps right in the city's heart. We are one of the few schools with access to open green spaces available in the area. As they enjoy camp, kids will also be able to reinforce or pick up new skills that will solidify their growth in a healthy way. Keep reading to learn more.

1. They foster practical learning

The fun thing about summer camps is that it offers a more interactive way of learning. Children get to experience situations where they test themselves, solve problems, meet new people, try things they haven’t done before, and analyze results. Through practical learning, kids learn valuable life lessons in many areas, by doing and applying what they know instead of just reading a book about it.

2. They prepare them for school

If your child has not yet started attending school, summer camps can be a great way to prepare them for school. During camp, they will learn to socialize with other children their age, express themselves creatively, learn new skills such as teamwork and problem-solving, and be encouraged to be more independent, among other things. All these skills will make it easier when they start attending school as they will be familiar with these activities.

3. They will learn in a positive real-world environment

Once school is over, many preschoolers will stay at home and perhaps spend a lot of time in front of screens. Too much screen consumption can affect their sleep, reading time, and may even hurt their academic achievement which can hinder their growth. In a summer camp, however, they will connect with the joy of learning with screen-free activities. Outdoor and creative activities will give your child a chance to challenge their mind in enjoyable ways. A child’s brain, body, soul, and future depend on time spent away from screens, which will benefit their development.

Camp helps children develop and grow by enhancing essential social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Our summer camp program can benefit your preschooler in various ways no matter what their interests are. Contact our friendly staff today for more information and details about registration.

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