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Looking at Nursery Schools? Consider Bilingual Education

Preschool is a critical time in your child’s development. This is especially true with regard to learning languages and acquiring language skills. Here are four key reasons why preschools, nursery schools, and daycare centers are all advocates of a bilingual education curriculum.

Encourages Brain Development

Administrators and educators in nursery schools know very well that it is never too early for youngsters to learn new skills. This is particularly true in terms of a bilingual education curriculum. Learning another language trains the brain to work on more than one level at a time. In addition, it increases memory function. These two skills together will be extremely useful for students throughout their lives.

Encourages Collaborative Skills

Even in nursery school, individuals attempting to communicate with each other need to exercise patience and empathy. Collaborative skills come into play when children are listening to each other as they express themselves in their native tongue as well as when they attempt to do so in other languages. A bilingual educational environment is a fertile environment for growth, interaction, and collaboration.

Encourages Cultural Appreciation

A child care which is based on bilingual education and communication is one that is going to broaden the perspective of every child involved. Activities centered around customs, habits, history, geography, and more will be part of the educational approach found in this environment.

Encourages Linguistic Agility

Nursery schools that introduce their students to a second language are giving their students an invaluable gift: the gift of a lifetime of appreciation for bilingualism. Not only will they develop proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing another language, which in itself is fantastic. In addition, being bilingual will facilitate their acquiring more language skills in the future.

The focus on school readiness for children between the ages of three and four is common to pre-K programs, which adhere to extremely high educational standards. As you go about searching among various nursery schools to find one that's right for your child, you will undoubtedly find a common thread in all of them: and that is, the awareness of the value of bilingual classroom instruction for all preschool students.

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