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The benefits of bilingual education at a young age

Children at a young age can learn a second language as easily as they learned their primary language or discovered how to walk. That is why bilingual teaching from the ages of 0-7 is so important, as it comes almost naturally since children around these ages absorb sounds, structures, intonation patterns, and the rules of a second language very easily. Here are some benefits of bilingual education at a Spanish immersion preschool.

1. Kids become better at communication

Bilingual kids learn to master the art of interpersonal understanding and listening, which makes them better at communicating. By improving their communication they can also learn not only how to express themselves but also assemble the right message both in English and Spanish.

2. It helps their creativity and ability to hypothesize

Since their brains are used to decoding and interpreting two languages, kids with bilingual education have an easier time coming up with and explaining ideas.

3. Enhances their cognitive abilities

The brains of children with bilingual education work better than a monolingual brain. This is so because both sides are always alert and active even when they are speaking one language. Enrolling your kid in a Spanish immersion preschool will help them enhance their mental abilities since learning multiple languages forces the brain to quickly switch from one to another, resulting in quicker response and shorter reaction time. Additionally, grasping two languages helps them exercise their brain, have better memory, and improve concentration as they have to retain much information.

4. Better social life and adaptability

Speaking a second language opens up a whole new world out there that enhances a child's social skills. Being able to communicate with people from different cultures is a confidence boost, as well as an ice breaker, not to mention that bilingual kids, tend to be more open-minded and adaptable.

In conclusion, children who learn a second language have better mental alertness. They also do better than monolingual peers in word reading and spelling because of their comprehension of sounds and tenses. Enrolling your child in a Spanish immersion preschool will give them an advantage over other kids in many aspects of their life. At Bethesda, we offer a unique dual-language program that will make a life-long difference in your child’s ability to speak Spanish properly. Contact us today to learn more.

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