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The Characteristics of a Quality Day Care

While studies show that the average toddler takes approximately 176 steps a minute, it is the hope of parents that each of those steps leads to a positive and brighter future. When it comes to choosing a daycare center for your child, you only want the best. As a parent, you want your child to be exposed to endeavors and opportunities that are educational, stimulating, engaging, loving, and supportive. Let’s delve into the traits that a quality daycare center should have for both you and your children.

Instructors That You Can Communicate with

When deciding upon a daycare center for your child, you want one that has instructors who are able to communicate with you easily and consistently. When you want to know how your child is doing or you have a concern to share, you want that instructor to be someone who is ready to listen to your questions, issues, or concerns. If teachers are closed off and non-communicative with you, then you certainly should find another daycare center for your child. Communication is vital for the success of your child as well as your peace of mind.

Curriculum That Allows Growth and Mirrors Your Values

Another aspect to look for in a daycare center, is a curriculum that allows your child to grow. While you want your little one to be challenged, you certainly don’t want them overwhelmed with the daily tasks at hand. You certainly have a right to inquire about the curriculum that the daycare center teaches.

You also want a curriculum that mirrors the values you are working to instill in your child. That day care center should be mirroring what you do at home and serve as a complement to the teaching, support, and love that you are providing your child when that child care program is not in session.

Opportunities for Exploration of the World

The daycare center that you choose to send your child to should be one that allows your child to explore the world around them. Many preschools and early learning facilities offer a nature school program for children. Nature schools are great opportunities for children to explore the world around them while understanding some educational fundamentals. You as a parent may consider inquiring about field trips and other educational opportunities that take place outside out of the confines of preschool walls.

Clean and Sanitized Surroundings

When you search for the best daycare for your child, you want one that offers the cleanest and sanitized environment for your little learner. You should be able to find out the cleaning protocols and schedules from the day care centers that you explore. These days, the average daycare center has a cleaning and sanitizing agenda in place, ensuring the health and well-being of children. So, consider asking about cleaning and sanitizing protocols while looking for the perfect daycare center for your child.

The Proper Accreditation and Licensing

Another aspect that you want to look for when choosing the ideal daycare center for your child is if the facility has the proper licenses and accreditation. Your day care center should be a facility that is licensed by the state that it is located in. You should also be able to ask about the licenses and accreditation that the child care facility has.

Whether it’s a quality daycare center, nature school, or a Spanish immersion preschool we have it all and more. As your licensed and accredited early learning facility located in Maryland, our educational programs are second to none. Your child will be able to reach their full potential through our many educational initiatives. Connect with us today—your Bethesda daycare center—and learn what awaits you and your child.

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