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The Toddler Development Timeline for Parents

Any good parent wants to make sure they do everything they can to ensure their child is growing up healthy and developing as normally as possible. While it is true that every child is unique and will grow and learn and mature at different rates, there are some general guidelines that doctors and parents can follow.

Importance of Monitoring Milestones

Monitoring the toddler development milestones can help caregivers and medical experts know when something might not be quite right. Here are some signs everyone from nursery school workers to parents need to be mindful of when dealing with toddler development. Any concerns should be brought up with the child's pediatrician as soon as possible.

General Mobility

Toddlers are the age group where kids begin to master skills such as crawling, rolling, scooting on their bottoms, and getting around in their environment. They can control their arms and legs as well as their hands and feet to a certain extent.

Walking and Running

Walking and running are big milestones for most toddlers, as the average toddler manages around 176 steps a minute. Mastering this skill is a big part of developing and leaving the baby years behind and taking literal steps towards childhood.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Toddlers in nursery school and similar programs also begin to master hand-eye coordination. Drawing with chalk and crayons, for example, and using playdough and similar manipulatives are common activities toddlers engage in.

Fine Motor Skills

As toddlers get older, they will start to perfect those skills involving their hands particularly. Learning to write and the proper way to hold a pencil can be late skills for some toddlers, but others pick it up fairly quickly and easily at this age.

Verbal Communication

Toddlers are usually a very chatty age, and the average toddler should have a vocabulary of more than 100 words. They should also be learning to put words together into simple short sentences and start communicating more effectively.

Interaction and Socializing

The final milestone that is often achieved in nursery school and other social settings is the toddler's ability to interact and play with other children. Socialization is important for development and is critical step toddlers need to reach.

If you, as a parent of a toddler-aged child, have concerns about their development, seeking medical advice from their pediatrician is your best course of action. They can help guide you to services that can help your child meet these and other critical milestones in their development.

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