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Ways You Can Prepare Your Child For Nursery School

While a three-year-old boy’s voice is louder than that of 200 adults in a restaurant, toddlers at that age are beginning to use their voices to explore and learn about the world surrounding them. Nursery school is a great way for a child to grow into a well-adjusted adult. As a parent, guardian, or caregiver, it’s vital that you prepare your little one. Let’s delve into some great ways that you can begin to help your toddler matriculate well into a nursery school environment.

Daily Reading

Reading to your child on a regular basis is a great way for them to become better acclimated to nursery school. Illustrated books with words are fantastic ways to introduce your toddler to letters, words, emotions, reactions, and more. The more you read to and with a child, the better learners and listeners they become.

Allow Help With Chores

As your toddler prepares for days of nursery school, it’s a good idea that they become familiar with helping with chores around the house. For example, you can ask for those little helping hands when it comes to handing you the clothing that leaves a clothes dryer. Allow your toddler to hand you specific articles of clothing and watch as those eyes light up with your positive reinforcement. As you dust the furniture in the living room, ask your little one to hand you the dust cloth and allow them an opportunity to wipe the coffee table, too.

When toddlers provide assistance with chores, they become children that thrive in a nursery school environment. They will seek to help with the duties during their nursery schooling days. From handing out snacks to helping to put blocks away, your little one will be well on the way to showing care when it comes to lending a helping hand.

Discussions About Nursery School

As your child prepares to enter into a nursery school program, why not have discussions about nursery school? You can talk about the differences between a daycare center and being at home. You can further discuss how your child will benefit from different experiences with a nursery school teacher during the day instead of spending time with mom, dad, an uncle, an aunt, a foster parent, or any other caregiver.

Arts and Crafts

Another way to prepare your child for days in a nursery school setting is to set aside time for arts and crafts. Spend the day outdoors planting seeds for vegetables. Purchase some outdoor chalk and have fun writing on the driveway. Take those finger paints outside alongside some poster board and create some magic. Arts and crafts are a great way for your child to express themselves and have the willingness to be a team member during days of nursery school art and craft sessions.

Nursery school readiness is vital for children to prosper. As your Bethesda, Maryland bilingual preschool, day care center, kindergarten prep facility, and more, we certainly applaud your efforts. We offer quality nursery school programs that enlighten, inspire, encourage, and support children. Our child care programs are designed to stimulate minds while helping children to become productive adults in the future. We also offer nature preschool programs, a kindergarten readiness program, and more. Connect with us for a quality nursery school initiative that you and your little one will truly love.

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