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Why Do Toddlers Learn New Languages So Quickly?

As a parent, you want to provide your child with as many skills as you can to help them be successful later in life. One of the things that you may be thinking about is teaching them a foreign language. Most people have heard that toddlers learn new languages faster than adults, which is true. According to the University of Georgia, the majority of children can understand what others say and can express themselves well within just a few years. If you're asking yourself why Spanish now, here are some of the reasons why toddlers learn languages so quickly and why you should teach yours a foreign language

early in life.

The Brain is More Receptive to Learning New Languages Early In Life

When you're learning a new language, your brain has to form neural connections. As you age, your brain focuses more on the connections you already have, rather than forming new ones. When you're young, since you don't have many formed, your brain helps to form these connections faster. Ultimately, this helps children learn foreign languages faster and makes it a bit more difficult for an adult to learn a foreign language.

The Way People Speak to Young Children Makes Learning a New Language Easier

The second primary reason why toddlers learn new languages so quickly is because the way people speak to children makes it easier for them to learn a language. When you're learning a language, you need to learn the basics. People talk to children in a very simple, straightforward manner. This makes it easy to learn common and basic words. People are hesitant to speak to adults like children, and unfortunately, adults don't get that same, simple conversation that makes it easier to learn a new language.

Young children learn foreign languages faster than adults for two very different reasons. A child's brain is better suited to learning languages than an adult brain, and the way people interact and speak to children, compared to adults, makes it easier for kids to learn a foreign language. If you're asking yourself why Spanish now for your child, you should stop asking and instead enroll your child in a program where they can thrive. We offer a dual-language Spanish/English curriculum to help teach young children Spanish. Reach out to us now to inquire about enrollment.

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