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Why You Should Enroll Your Child in a Spanish Immersion Preschool

If your child is growing up quickly and you’re already looking into the best educational options for pre-k, it is beneficial to look into preschools that offer Spanish immersion programs for children. All pre-k programs follow high standards for teaching your toddler school readiness skills, but there is a preschool option that does that while also teaching your child Spanish as a second language. You might be thinking why Spanish now when my child is so young? Even if you are not a bilingual family, there are many benefits that stem from your child learning a second language young. Below are three reasons why you should look into bringing your child to a Spanish immersion preschool.

It Is the Best Age to Learn a Second Language

To become fluent in a second language it is recommended to begin learning it before the age of ten. Learning language skills comes simply and naturally to children in their early development. Before the age of six, the child has a magnified capacity to pronounce unfamiliar sounds while being able to learn the grammar rules. As children get older and further in their academic careers, they begin to have a heavier workload and more to learn. This causes learning a second language to be pushed down their list of importance, and they typically don’t have enough time to become fluent in the second language.

You might be wondering, of all of the foreign languages, why Spanish now? English and Spanish both have roots in Latin. When your toddler is learning Spanish, it increases their understanding of the English language. There are also words in both Spanish and English that are the same, only pronounced slightly different. This makes Spanish the easiest language for your child to learn as a second language.

It Teaches Your Child Important Skills

Not only will Spanish be easier to learn for your child, it will also help them learn other skills. When a child is learning a foreign language, they have to develop strong listening skills in order to imitate the sounds and eventually words correctly. When forming a response in a second language, they have to have been listening carefully to what the teacher or other student was saying.

If you are still not sure why Spanish now, learning Spanish as a second language starting at an early age in a Spanish immersion program at pre-k will also allow your child to learn faster and easier. They will benefit throughout their educational careers because they learned skills such as comprehension, memorization, and critical thinking. Another benefit is that your child’s problem-solving skills and creativity will be improved. Learning a second language can be challenging at times, but as they are learning Spanish they have to figure out the meaning and how to form a response which causes the development of skills.

Learning Spanish Creates New Opportunities

Spanish is the most common foreign language taught in schools, and are typically options for classes in certain college programs. By allowing your child to learn Spanish at a young age they will be very prepared for these classes and will do well. It is more difficult for a student at an older age, like high school, to learn a second language because they are busier and have a lot more to do in other classes.

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Due to your child learning Spanish early on, they will have a wider selection of jobs since they can be fluent, and they can communicate with a large number of people. This will open doors for your child in the future after they finish school. It also will make traveling to other countries easier for them since they will be able to speak to the locals and fully experience the location.

If you are still wondering why Spanish now you know the benefits of enrolling your toddler in a Spanish immersion preschool. When planning your child’s education, allowing them to fluently learn a second language as they are beginning their schooling should be high on your list of priorities.

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