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3 Additional Skills Children Gain When Learning a New Language

Teaching your child a second language is easy if you partner with the best nursery school! A second language can come in handy as your child matures and has more varied life experiences, and this focus has also proven to be highly beneficial to young children. In fact, dual-language immersion allows students to develop many useful skills. Let's review a few below.

1. Social Skills

Perhaps no skill set benefits more from a second language education than the one relating to other people. Kids are constantly developing their social skills, and learning a second language helps with that. How does this happen? The answer is related to developing cultural awareness.

Once children start engaging with a new language, they inevitably become curious about the people speaking it. That curiosity can eventually lead to your child developing greater respect for a particular culture and its customs. Developing cultural awareness in that manner can help your child become a well-rounded individual.

2. Communication Skills

According to Michigan State University, kids under the age of eight have flexible ear and speech muscles capable of detecting language differences. It’s an important learning advantage any student can fully utilize by attending the best nursery school offering bilingual education. That learning advantage can be especially helpful due to its positive impact on your child’s communication skills.

Since kids are better equipped to learn a second language, they will enjoy a boost of confidence as they engage with their peers and schoolwork in another language. That confidence boost can easily translate to a significant improvement in the way your child communicates.

3. Critical Thinking Skills

A child’s critical thinking skills can also improve. After studying a second language for a while, your child may start to pick up on connections between it and the English language. They may even begin to discover how certain English words came from the language they’re currently studying. Developing critical thinking is always important, and a second language education helps enhance it.

Give your child the opportunity to develop valuable skills by enrolling them in a program that prioritizes second language development. At Bethesda Reggio Preschool, we are a dual-language Spanish immersion preschool ready to welcome your child. Contact us today to learn more!

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