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4 Benefits of Spanish Immersion Programs for Toddlers

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

In our modern world, it is increasingly valuable to have your child learn a second language while still in preschool. Most parents want their kids to learn Spanish as their second language. The best way for your child to learn a foreign language is through language immersion. That’s why modern parents prefer nursery schools that offer Spanish immersion programs for toddlers.

What Is Immersion?

Language immersion is a form of bilingual education technique that immerses a learner (in this case, preschool children) into a foreign bilingual environment. The normal preschool curriculum is taught in Spanish rather than Spanish being taught as a single subject. Simply put, your toddler will engage in all the normal learning activities you would find in any nursery school. The only difference is that all the learning activities will be conducted and instructed in Spanish.

As such, your child will learn naturally by observing and interpreting the surrounding environment. The teacher who oversees the immersion program speaks native Spanish all through the program, and this encourages the child to relate rather than translate. Through Spanish immersion programs for toddlers, your child learns a second language as easily as the mother tongue.

Why Should a Child Learn a Second Language at Such an Early Age?

At the age of 2– 4 years, a child’s brain is developing and easily captures what the child is taught. At this age, children learn whichever language they’re exposed to. Naturally, children are curious at this age, and their healthy brains retain most of the things that the child learns. This also explains why a 4-year-old will ask an average of 437 questions a day. This curiosity and the superhuman ability of children to learn from their immediate environment is what makes Spanish immersion programs for children remarkably effective and successful. Here are more benefits of Spanish immersion programs for toddlers.

1. Promote Diversity and Cultural Awareness

A bilingual child is more receptive to different cultures as opposed to a monolingual child. Learning Spanish helps children make more friends as they grow up since there’s no language barrier limiting them. Knowing how to read and write Spanish will help your kid read books about different cultures and know their way of life. Ultimately, your child will appreciate and respect the different cultures in the world.

2. Increases a Child’s Cognitive Ability

Spanish immersion programs for toddlers help a child learn by engaging in various activities such as drama, storytelling, arts and crafts, music and movement, snack time activities, and other interactive games. These activities boost the cognitive ability of toddlers, as they have to learn by observing, listening, and relating.

3. Grooms a Child for the Global Market

Our global economy prioritizes bilingual workers who can speak, read, and write more than one language. Today’s major business opportunities are not limited to your native country or state. The internet has allowed us to interact and do business without a geographical limitation. You can already tell that the demand for bilingual skills will be more in the future. As a parent, you should prepare your child early by enrolling him/her into a bilingual nursery school.

4. Helps a Child Build More Relationships in Adult Life

Bilingual children tend to have more diverse friends than their monolingual counterparts. This cuts across personal relationships and business relationships. Having a wider circle of friends from different places and backgrounds will contribute immensely to the future success of your child. Additionally, when bilingual children decide to venture into business, it becomes easier for them to convince people from different backgrounds to invest in their business or work for them.

Ultimately, your child stands to gain more from Spanish immersion programs for toddlers than attending a monolingual preschool. You will reap the fruits in the future when the Spanish lessons help your child run a global business or meet a life partner. Your child will benefit from the Spanish lessons for a lifetime.

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