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What You Don't Know About Your Child's Development

Day care centers that are focused on child development report that there are a lot of things that many parents do not know about developmental milestones. For example, by about the age of three, a child will either be a lefty or a righty. Day care centers work with children day in and day out and often have insight into development that parents do not recognize.

Here's what you don't know about your child's development.

Two Is Not So Terrible

The terrible twos is a phrase that was coined to explain how challenging a two-year-old can be. The fact is, two is a very important time in development. The average two-year-old adds about five words per day to their vocabulary. They are a bundle of energy because they are in the middle of a great expansion.

What, Did You Say Something?

Toddlers have amazing hearing skills. As a matter of fact, they can hear much better than adults can. Toddlers can hear better because their ears are “newer” than adult ears that have been exposed to all types of noise pollution. If there is something your toddler should not hear, wait until they are not with you to say it.

New Brain Connections Every Second

Between the age of one and three according to Zero To Three, the brain makes a new connection every second. They are always learning, and the brain is developing constantly from birth to three years of age. It is important that day care centers provide stimulation to children as young as three weeks old for these connections to fire.

Babies Can Count Before They Talk

Studies have shown that babies who are not yet speaking can recognize the difference between more and less. They can detect quantities long before they can verbalize whether they want more or less.

Kids Start Laughing at Three to Four Months

Is there anything more joyful than a baby's giggle? Babies start laughing around four months, sometimes sooner, and then they go on to laugh a lot more than adults do. A child under the age of five laughs about 300 times per day. Adults only laugh about 60 times per day.

Day care centers that are focused on providing the development stimulation that a child needs can help your child reach these milestone developments. Keep these facts in mind as you choose the best day care for your little one!

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